Gym Bag Essentials Checklist – Can you believe back to school time is fast approaching?! Before long, you’ll be dealing with all the after school activities, homework, and other daily tasks again. But this can also be a great time to start an exercise regime as it tends to be more rigorous than the summer. As you plan your workouts this fall, here are some gym bag essentials you’ll want to stock up on!

If you’re planning to hit the gym after work, you’ll want to make sure your workout clothes are packed in your gym bag. And vice versa if you hit the gym on the way to the office (i.e. pack nice clothes to change into afterwards).

Gym Bag Essentials Checklist

Gym Bag Essentials Checklist

It might sound obvious but don’t forget to add underwear, socks and bras. Those are the things I always run home to get – and of course these are the most important things.

What To Bring To The Gym

Whether you’ve hit the gym and realized you forgot to apply some this morning – or you’re just finishing a workout and need to freshen up afterwards – deodorant is an absolute must-have in your to-do bag physical education.

There will definitely be times when you get home late and you may need to skip the shower. Body wipes are the best temporary solution. Are they equivalent to a bubble bath? Of course not, hahaha. But they will do it in a difficult situation!

When I was teaching at public school, I used to go for a walk on my lunch hour and those cloths came in very handy afterwards.

Continuing with the “I don’t have time to shower” theme – throw dry shampoo in your gym bag. It helps absorb oil and sweat at the roots after exercise, giving you clean, unwashed hair. I definitely consider it a gym bag essential.

Workout Gear & Gym Bag Essentials To Bring To The Gym

I don’t know about you, but I am 100% motivated by music in my workouts. (One of my least favorite things about triathlon races is that you can’t listen to music on the course – this makes sense for safety, but man, do I love the tunes!). Headphones are definitely a priority during many of my workouts.

Am I the only one who carries snacks around?! In reality, though, you never know when you’ll be stuck in traffic getting to the gym after work, or if you and the kids will have to run errands after your workout. Keeping snacks in your gym bag is a handy option for any nauseous moments (for you or the kids!).

One of my favorite options to keep in my bag is Peeled Snacks! I have been totally obsessed with these since I first discovered them about 10 years ago.

Gym Bag Essentials Checklist

For those who are quite serious about their exercise routine, I also recommend packing some protein-rich options in your bag, such as ground turkey or almonds. Combine those with some dried fruit from Peeled Snacks and you have a carbohydrate and protein packed recovery snack after your workout! Ideally, you should replenish some protein and carbohydrates within 30-60 minutes of intense or long exercise.

Kids Sports Bag Essentials With Free Printable

The best part is that any of these snacks are great options for your child. I know sometimes if I take my son to the gym and send him to daycare, he’ll be ready for a snack when I pick him up. Or if we do a little running on the track, we can sit and enjoy these together afterwards!

Think about the gym bag essentials you might need depending on your exercise preferences. For example:

Yes, you probably already have one that you carry around regularly – but throw an extra one in your gym bag just in case. Be thankful in case you forget it or the gym water fountain doesn’t work!

Most of us trust others too much, but I’ve heard too many horror stories about things being stolen from lockers. If you plan to keep your phone and/or wallet in your bag while you work out, invest in a cheap lock to protect your belongings.

Workout Essentials: What To Put In Your Gym Bag

Share with me: Did I forget any other gym essentials for her? What do you always bring with you when you exercise? Do you stock snacks – like Peeled Snacks – in your gym bag?

Chrissy Carroll is a Registered Dietitian and USAT Level I Triathlon Coach. She specializes in sharing nutrition and fitness tips and recipes for runners, triathletes, and active women. Chrissy has a Bachelors Degree in Nutrition, a Masters Degree in Public Health and is also an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer. Whether your gymnast is new to the sport or a veteran on the mat or not, they can ensure gym sessions go smoothly by being prepared.

To help you out, we’ve put together the ultimate list of things your gym-goer should pack in their gym bag – and delivered in a format you can share from your workout body. These 10 items are things practitioners of all levels should never leave home without.


The first step to getting a great workout is preparation. So to help, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of things your gym goer should put in their gym bag. These 10 items are things practitioners of all levels should never leave home without.

An Athlete’s List Of 11 Gym Bag Essentials

You should bring your own handle to practice. But bringing a spare pair is also a good idea. The second pair of grips you try to use is a great choice for a backup pair of grips.

While you’re at it, throw in a wire brush and sandpaper. These items are used for grip care and are essential in any gym bag.

Typically, people who go to the gym use rubber bands to keep their fingers on the handles or the handles are Velcro fastened to the wrist, so storing extra rubber bands in your bag can be useful ok

If you change at the gym, make sure you bring a leotard and shorts if they’re part of your regular workout outfit.

Packing The Perfect Gym Bag Checklist

Even if you don’t usually get ready to work out at the gym, it’s still a good idea to pack an extra set of coveralls and a change of clothes – just in case.

This may sound obvious, but ask around and you’ll learn from parents and coaches that forgetting an important outfit or piece of clothing happens more often than you think.

Don’t think it’s just vanity. Having a secure hairstyle is a matter of safety for gym goers, so it’s important to keep your hair out of your face and eyes.

Gym Bag Essentials Checklist

Long hair must be kept secure so that it does not get caught in any equipment. Besides, you’re probably like most gymnasts who like to keep their hair tidy. With a properly packed bag, you’ll be able to put it back right away if any of the strings come out of place.

Gymnastics Practice: What To Put In Your Gym Bag

Changing into sweat clothes helps you keep your skin healthy by reducing the amount of time salty sweat stays on your skin. Changing clothes is also the perfect opportunity to use any lotions and lip balms recommended to help you fight dry skin.

Although gyms tend to be dry and it can be tempting to moisturize your skin before a workout, it’s important to only use any personal products such as lotion after a workout. It probably goes without saying, but you don’t want slippery hands when using any device!

Your teammates and coaches will appreciate if you carry deodorant in your bag – and use it. When you work hard, especially on a hard day, you may even need to reapply!

Carrying snacks in your bag is not only a good idea, it’s necessary. Having a healthy snack on hand will help if you start to feel low on energy mid-workout – let alone post-workout.

Gym Bag Essentials For Women

The snacks you carry in your gym bag should be high in energy, convenient on the go, and easy to digest. Trail mix and granola bars are two great options.

When you’re doing any kind of physical activity, staying hydrated is always a good idea. So it’s no surprise that your gym bag is well stocked with sugar-free soft drinks and/or sports drinks.

Bring a water bottle if you prefer it to disposable plastic bottles, but make sure the cap is tightly closed.

Gym Bag Essentials Checklist

There’s no doubt that bands are something you need to have in your gym bag. Although your gym will have tape on hand, there’s nothing more convenient than reaching into your gym bag when you need to roll your ankle or wrist.

Gym Bag Essentials For Swimming

Having a gym bag filled with everything you need for a successful workout is one thing. Keeping said bag organized is another matter.

If you’ve been spending hours at the gym, the last thing you want to do is clean your gym bag every day. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

There is a place for everything. Whether you prefer a personal pack, a wet dry bag, or a full locker, make sure all nine of your survival items have a proper place in your gym bag.

Likewise, done

Beauty Essentials To Stash In Your Gym Bag

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