How To Build Muscle Fast – As soon as you put the weights down after your first set at the gym, your muscles will start sending signals to grow. And an hour or two later, when you finish your workout, the process of building new muscle protein is in full swing.

But how fast can you actually build muscle? And how long does it take for them to grow enough for you and those around you to notice?

How To Build Muscle Fast

How To Build Muscle Fast

Let’s get to the point. Below you will see some typical results in relation to muscle growth, in training studies of 2-3 months duration.

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Lean mass is, just like it sounds, everything in your body that isn’t fat. That means muscles, bones, organs, water, glycogen, the contents of your stomach and intestines, and much more. It is easier to measure lean mass in a body than pure muscle mass, which is why it is often used in exercise studies.

In lean mass as a result of exercise, most of the added lean mass is likely to be muscle, followed by glycogen.

Assuming you train effectively at first, and eat and sleep well, you can expect your muscles to grow fastest at the beginning of your training career, and then slower and slower as your muscles mature. become better at training.

A Japanese study gives us a good example of this. Seven previously untrained young men trained the bench press three times a week for 24 weeks, doing 3 sets x 10 repetitions to failure on each exercise.7 Shown by the chart below how their pectoral and triceps muscle thickness increased in just over five months of work out. .

How Often Should You Work Out Per Week To Build Muscle?

These seven young men increased the thickness of their abs by 43% on average in just half a year of training and the thickness of their triceps by 17%. Triceps tend to grow less than pecs because the bench press is not enough for full triceps growth.

Anyway, looking at the graphs, you can see that the rate of muscle growth seems to decrease as the months go by.

It will probably take more than a decade of intense training to reach that point, but you should know that your muscles won’t grow forever.

How To Build Muscle Fast

An example of this comes from a study of highly competitive (and drug-using) elite-level bodybuilders who, over 24 weeks of training, failed to build any significant amount of muscle mass.

The Fast Way To Build Muscle

So at some point your training will shift to being more about fine-tuning your physique or maintaining the (at this point, probably quite a bit) of muscle you’ve gained.

However, most of us have many more years of fine muscle growth to look forward to, and it’s worth considering how you can maximize your muscle growth along the way.

Even if you and another person follow the same exercise program, you may get different results because so many factors come into play.

One factor you cannot influence yourself is your genes. In one study, it was found that people who responded the most to resistance training (called “high responders”) built up

How To Build Muscle Fast

More muscle mass than those who responded less positively (“low responders”) during 12 weeks of training.9

All you can do is make the best of what you have and be aware of the reasons you have

Influence, such as good exercise, diet and sleep, and then hope that this is enough to get good results from your efforts.

How To Build Muscle Fast

An encouraging fact in this regard is that different people seem to respond to different types of exercise.10 If you find that your current exercise program just doesn’t seem to be giving you the results you expect, despite your best efforts regarding diet and sleep, then it may be worth trying a different training approach. Perhaps changing training volume, training frequency or load and number of repetitions can lead to new growth?

Follow These 8 Ways To Build Muscle Faster And Get Jacked

There is a lot of evidence that we build muscle at different rates. Another such proof is the result of a very large training study with a total of 585 participants. Participants were previously untrained young adults who trained their biceps twice a week for 12 weeks.11

The average increase in biceps muscle area was 15-20% in men and women, but the spread was such that some participants reduced their muscle area by 5%, while some increased it by an amazing 55%.

In general, you will see the fastest muscle growth in young, previously untrained people who begin to adhere to an ambitious and well-planned total-body training program while eating a small caloric surplus and meeting their protein needs.

We found two examples of very rapid muscle growth in a study in which 56 young, previously untrained men exercised five times per week following a rotating push/pull/leg routine for 12 weeks. Immediately after each workout, participants drank 18 grams of protein from either skimmed milk (0.1% fat) or a soy protein shake. An hour later they drank another of the same. After 12 weeks of this regimen, participants increased their lean mass by 3-4 kg. However, the results from two participants stood out from the rest: They gained 7.5 and 7.0 kg of lean mass respectively. Truly an amazing result after only twelve weeks of training!12

The Mass Effect

After 12 weeks of training, 5 times a week, in a push/pull/leg split rotation, almost all participants increased their lean mass. The two men who got bigger increased their lean mass by 7.0 and 7.5 kg, respectively.

An interesting result for those of you who still doubt that it is impossible to build muscle and lose fat at the same time is that while the participants gained 3-4 kg of lean mass, they also lost half a kilo of fat. In fact, the skimmed milk group not only increased their lean mass the most (by an average of 4kg), they also lost the most fat at the same time: almost 1kg on average.

In another study lasting 10 weeks, 19 untrained young men exercised four times a week: two upper/lower body exercises. Each day they eat two shakes of either 20 g of carbohydrates (dextrose) or 20 g of protein, for a total of 40 g of either carbohydrates or protein. They drink it on both rest days and training days, and on training days they take a shake before training and one after.13

How To Build Muscle Fast

After 10 weeks, the group that received 40g of extra protein per day gained an average of 5.6kg of lean mass, while simultaneously losing 1.1kg of fat mass.

Eat To Build Muscle

So what’s the problem if you don’t win as quickly as the participants in the example studies above did? Of course, genetics can be a factor. But it’s more productive and fun to focus on what you can actually influence yourself. Are you training as hard as you know you can? Are you eating and sleeping well enough to support good training results, or could you improve in these areas? If you want your results to exceed average, your actions must too.

A kilo here and a percentage there – how long will it take before you feel any gains from your training?

Your muscles are covered by a layer of fat. How much fat you have will affect how long it will take for your muscle gains to show through. Usually, it is possible to feel muscle growth after a month or two of good training, in people of normal weight who start lifting weights.

As previously mentioned, it is common for a beginner to increase their lean mass by 2-3 kg during the first months of training. A person who is used to exercise can gain 1-2 kg in the same period if the exercise program and other conditions are good.

Can You Build Muscle Fast?

You will have your greatest success at the beginning of your training career, but only if you switch from an outdated training program where you have been successful to a new, motivating routine. However, it will be difficult to maintain a high growth rate for a longer period, for example a year.

Given diminishing marginal returns, an estimate is that in a good year of training you can build about twice the lean mass mentioned in the above section: 4-6kg per year for a beginner and 2-4kg for a more experienced lifter.

When you start a new exercise cycle and your motivation to exercise skyrockets, you may see significant progress in the first month or so. But after a while, it’s very common for your training to become routine and you stop challenging yourself during your workouts, for example by really trying to increase your training weights.

How To Build Muscle Fast

In training studies, participants are often monitored by researchers or hired trainers while they work. These supervisors stand next to the contestants, cheering them on and encouraging them to give each set their best effort. Once the participant has completed the assigned

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